Everyday Specials

From the beginning, Foundation Care has worked to make the prescription process as affordable as possible.

With a CAYSTON or pancreatic enzyme prescription*

For every fill of your Cayston or Pancreatic Enzyme prescription, Foundation Care will provide you with Hypertonic Saline, Replesta or CF Vitamins at no charge.

Free with your CAYSTON®/Altera® and/or Trio® electronic nebulizer*

Patients receiving their Cayston®/Altera® and/or Trio® from Foundation Care will receive our cleaning kit with their first shipment.

Foundation Care developed this nebulizer cleaning kit with the helpful feedback of patients, physicians and our staff. Our pharmacists and patient care representatives have over eight years of experience supporting PARI’s eFlow technology. We have established the most effective methods of troubleshooting nebulizers and determined what method of cleaning works best for each patient.

Free with your BETHKIS®, Colistimethate, Tobramycin, TOBI® and/or TOBI® Podhaler prescription*

For each fill of your Bethkis®, Colistimethate, Tobramycin, TOBI® and/or TOBI® Podhaler prescription, Foundation Care will provide you with CF Vitamins, a PARI LC PLUS, and Hypertonic Saline at no charge.

With your Colistimethate and/or Tobramycin prescription*

Patients who receive their nebulized chronic inhaled antibiotic from Foundation Care may be eligible for a Trio® Electronic Nebulizer. The Trio is provided to the patient with a “no charge lease” if the patient participates in our Respiratory Medication Management Program (RMMP). The RMMP is a patient compliance program to help motivate patients to take their medications as prescribed and report compliance information back to the patient’s CF coordinator and physician. If a patient becomes non-compliant, the patient is then responsible for the lease payments or can return the Trio nebulizer. Information on enrolling a patient is available by calling toll-free at 877.291.1122.

*Offer may not be available in all areas. This offer is good for qualified customers only. This offer is not valid for prescriptions purchased under Medicaid, Medicare or similar federal or state programs or where prohibited by law. Foundation Care reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time without notice.