Our Story


Longtime friends and fellow pharmacists, Dan Blakeley and Mike Schultz, decided to leave their big corporate jobs and help support the small and often overlooked cystic fibrosis (CF) community.

The original plan was to help launch a highly efficient nebulizer that boasted brand new technology – one that other companies overlooked. Blakeley and Schultz realized the device’s potential to improve the patient’s quality of life so they helped bring the product to market, making it available to the CF population.

Once the nebulizer became available to the public and Foundation Care became one of three nationwide distributors, the partners decided to expand their business capabilities. In addition to offering compounding services, they began providing products and services to meet the broader needs of the CF community.

Since then, Foundation Care has expanded in size and capabilities and has become one of a handful of pharmacies offering complete patient services from one location. From Patient Care and Reimbursement to our Logistics Department – our staff is trained to assist in every step of the prescription process.

In addition, Foundation Care assists drug and device manufacturers with product launches, clinical trial support, distribution and reimbursement strategies.

There is no longer a need to visit several pharmacies to find and fill prescriptions – order everything from us and have it shipped directly to your front door!

We are located in St. Louis, Missouri, and since 2004 we have been working to provide quality care to patients locally and nationwide.


Our mission is to serve as a full service retail pharmacy that provides customized patient care and personalized service from a professional staff by focusing on quality, respect, and commitment to care.


It is our vision to keep patients’ health and well-being at the core of our business, while being recognized and respected as a leading full service retail pharmacy.