Veterinary Products

When we say we can provide services to an entire family, we mean it. Foundation Care’s staff compounds pet medications with the same care and high standards as we do with our human prescriptions.

We have pets, too. We know how important their health is and we are committed to providing the same quality of service that we could expect for our own pets. As a PCAB-accredited pharmacy, you can be sure your client is receiving the highest quality of veterinary care.

We specialize in both sterile and non-sterile preparations for animals. Our oral medications can be flavored according to a pet’s taste preferences – including Chicken, Beef, Tuna, or Fruit flavors!

Foundation Care can meet and exceed your expectations by…

  • Reducing strength of currently available medications
  • Formulating medications specifically for a pet
  • Compounding medications on backorder or that have been discontinued
  • Promising a quick turnaround
  • Delivering superior customer service
  • Providing refill reminders
  • Offering a broad range of products and services

To begin ordering veterinary products for your clients, please contact a Foundation Care pharmacist today: 877-291-1122.