Foundation Care

Foundation Care is a member of the AcariaHealth family of specialty pharmacies. We specialize in the care of patients with chronic conditions and are a trusted resource for disease management for patients, physicians, and caregivers nationwide.

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Patients and Caregivers

When your doctor writes you a prescription, we’ll be there to coordinate all aspects of your therapy. You can rest easy knowing we’re working with your physicians, care team and insurance companies to ensure everything is taken care of. We’ll even deliver your medications directly to your home, workplace, or wherever is most convenient.

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Physicians and Healthcare Specialists

Our team of pharmacists, reimbursement specialists, and patient care representatives can assist with coverage issues, eliminate paperwork, provide patient compliance and adherence programs, and offer several specials and promotions unique to Foundation Care.

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Business Solutions

We will customize our services to meet your needs during all stages of a product life cycle, including clinical trial access, extended access during FDA approval, distribution to healthcare providers, reimbursement services, pharmacy fulfillment, and REMs support for your physicians and their patients.


Contact TJC at 800-994-6610 if not satisfied with the management response from our pharmacies.