Reimbursement Assistance

For a patient, navigating through the ever-changing healthcare world can be overwhelming, frustrating and confusing at times.

At Foundation Care, we have an entire Reimbursement Team to take care of your patients. They know who to call, what questions to ask and how to ensure they’re getting the most out of insurance and associated benefits.

We will even assist in enrolling your patients in assistance programs.

  • Foundation Care’s reimbursement representatives are available during regular business hours for questions about coverage or insurance concerns.
  • Foundation Care accepts thousands of prescription drug plans and will enroll in any new plan to help service our patients.
  • Foundation Care accepts most state Medicaid and funding programs.
  • Foundation Care bills Medicare directly for any Medicare covered medications.
  • Foundation Care accepts payment directly from insurance companies eliminating the need for patients to pay for prescriptions upfront. Patients pay only their copay and/or deductible amounts.
  • Foundation Care will help enroll the patient in any available copay or patient assistance program if the patient has no insurance.
  • Patients, caregivers, and physicians seeking help and assistance for their prescription coverage can contact our Reimbursement Department at (877) 291-1122.

To view a list of available patient assistance programs, please visit our Patient Reimbursement page.