What We Offer

Specialty Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacists work with physicians to customize treatment plans best suited for each individual patient. Foundation Care Pharmacy is also equipped to provide specialty products and devices.

Reimbursement Assistance

Navigating through the ever-changing healthcare world can be overwhelming. At Foundation Care, we have an entire Reimbursement Team that knows who to call, what questions to ask and how to ensure every patient is getting the most out of their insurance and associated benefits.

Compliance & Adherence

We want our patients to receive the best possible results from their treatments, which is why Foundation Care offers personalized refill reminders and reimbursement assistance with each and every order. The key to receiving top results is medication compliance – a topic our pharmacists are passionate about and our entire team is happy to help with.

Distribution & Third Party Logistics Services

Foundation Care is licensed to ship drugs and devices to all 50 states. This helps us provide our customers with end-to-end supply chain assistance, including: warehousing, inventory management, temperature controlled storage and packaging, and “pick, pack and ship” distribution services.

Product Launch Services

Foundation Care provides manufacturers complete assistance throughout the entire product launch process. Our employees are highly experienced and will bring their knowledge to your launch team. In addition, our state of the art facility is equipped to handle products of all sizes and is prepared to bring products from the manufacturer to the patient quickly.