Distribution Services

Foundation Care is a licensed wholesale drug distributor in all 50 states and is a VAWD (Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors) accredited facility, allowing nationwide access of your product directly to the healthcare professional.

Third Party Logistic Services (3PL)

Foundation Care provides supply chain assistance for all or part of your product management. We will scale and customize our services to meet the needs of your product market conditions and demands. Our complete logistical services include:

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Secure temperature and humidity controlled storage
  • Packaging
  • “Pick, pack and ship” distribution services

Clinical Trial Support

At Foundation Care, we understand the challenges associated with the unique requirements of conducting a clinical trial for orphan/ultra-orphan diseases. Our clinical trial support provides a range of services that can assist a pharmaceutical manufacturer, including:

  • Inventory, storage and distribution of study medications.
  • Blinding of study medications.
  • Coordination with study sites and manufacturer.
  • Calculation of specific dosing.

After the study, we will provide your patients with an extended access program, ensuring no delay in medication therapy.

Product Distribution

When a product is required to be administered or dispensed by a healthcare professional, Foundation Care can be your solution. As a VAWD accredited wholesale distributor, Foundation Care will provide your product directly to the physician/hospital. This can include:

  • Product
  • Samples
  • Demonstration kits

In addition, we will provide billing, inventory management, and comprehensive reporting services.