Pharmacy Services

Foundation Care is licensed in all 50 states as a pharmacy and DME supplier, allowing nationwide patient access to your product – expanding the market for potential customers.

First Fill Program

Foundation Care’s First Fill Program ensures your new product is available to physicians and their patients as soon as it is approved. We guarantee the patient receives your product on the first prescription fill, eliminating the possibility of product substitutions while we work through insurance coverage issues. We will also guarantee your product is stocked and shipped in a timely manner.

The First Fill Program will:

  • Provide product via an extended access program once the drug trials are complete and before the product is commercially available
  • Ensure patients involved in clinical trials are granted immediate access to commercial products
  • Dispense your product as prescribed
  • Fill prescription and/or DME orders immediately while establishing reimbursement coverage
  • Identify and report any reimbursement issues to the manufacturer
  • Assist patients with identifying and enrolling in copay and patient assistance programs (CAP / PAP)
  • Provide REMS support

Manufacturer Patient Direct Program

The access and reimbursement pressures on the traditional drug distribution channel have created challenges for manufacturers launching new products. As a standard of practice, a manufacturer utilizes several businesses and resources, with multiple touch points and layers that increase cost, to bring their product to the market.

Foundation Care offers a new approach. Our direct to patient program allows for manufacturers to distribute products directly to consumers, bypassing traditional fee-for-service distribution channels. Foundation Care acts as your agent, rather than a trading partner.

This direct to patient program virtually eliminates the costs and resources associated with multiple touch points for getting a specialty product into the hands of the patient. Your product’s inventory will be proactively managed. This means Foundation Care will guarantee your product will be in stock, preventing unnecessary substitutions.

Orphan/Ultra-Orphan Disease Expertise

We understand the complexities of medication management for those challenged by orphan and ultra-orphan diseases. These patients are typically in need of a high level care that is always available. Our team has the experience and resources to ensure the total treatment and care of each patient, as well as meet the demands of your product’s market size. As a nationwide pharmacy service provider, we will provide your patients with:

  • Disease management programs
  • Drug and device counseling
  • Temperature controlled packaging and shipping
  • Reimbursement assistance

Reimbursement Strategies

Working with Foundation Care will reduce the financial costs to your patients. Our network of payers includes large and small commercial payers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Our team offers comprehensive reimbursement support. We work through the patient’s entire claim submission and payment process which includes:

  • Third-party benefits investigation
  • Prior authorization support
  • Appeals management
  • Identification of assistance programs

We will identify all levels of coverage and provide feedback to your National Account Team. This allows you to prioritize and educate payers on the outcomes necessary for patients to receive the most comprehensive benefits. Our efforts will generate a positive impact on your sales and help expand your market.