Respiratory Medical Devices

eFLOW® Technology Electronic Nebulizers

Trio® Electronic Nebulizer*

Foundation Care is an exclusive distributor of the Trio electronic nebulizer. The Trio offers potential benefits to Cystic Fibrosis patients by reducing treatment times, the dosage of some medications, and potential drug costs. In our experience the Trio has been a significant tool in improving patient compliance and persistency with their treatment. For the medications a patient may use with the Trio, please contact a pharmacist at Foundation Care.

*Intended Use: The Trio® is a handheld nebulizer that will be used with patients for whom the doctors have prescribed medication for nebulization. The Trio® is intended for adult and pediatric patients. The Trio® device has not undergone human clinical studies with any medication to establish the safety or efficacy of that drug/device combination. The FDA has not approved any combination of medication with the Trio® as a drug/device combination.

eRapid® Nebulizer System

The eRapid Nebulizer System is a high-performing general-purpose nebulizer system that can significantly reduce treatment times and maximize the amount of available medicine to the lungs.

Altera® Nebulizer System

Foundation Care is one of a select network of distributors of the Altera Nebulizer System, used specifically to deliver Cayston® (aztreonam for inhalation solution).

Other Respiratory Devices

Foundation Care is an accredited medical equipment provider. We offer a variety of nebulizer systems that include:

If there is an additional device that you are in need of, please contact a representative at 877.291.1122.