Specialty Services

Foundation Care offers a variety of specialty business solutions that will be customized and optimized to meet your unique needs.

Call Center

Let Foundation Care be your call center solution. We offer a wide variety of inbound and outbound call services to meet your needs, including:

  • Order intake
  • Product support
  • Reliable customer service
  • Marketing campaign management

Acting as your agent, our call center team will provide your customers with a quick response each time a call is made. You may customize a program that can include script-based sales, dedicated agents, or cost per minute services.

Patient Assistance Program

Let Foundation Care help you place your product into the hands of patients with financial needs. We will design, assist and administer manufacturer patient assistant programs (PAP) to your specifications. A comprehensive PAP at Foundation Care includes:

  • Eligibility screening
  • Identification of coverage
  • “Compassionate use” product access
  • Commercial copay assistance coordination
  • Support coordination from federal payers

Once patient assistance is established, Foundation Care can also provide the product directly to the patient via our pharmacy eliminating the cost of middlemen and ultimately deliver the product to the patient in a more timely manner.

REMS Support

A Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy (REMS) is required if the FDA determines it is necessary to ensure the benefits of a drug or biological product outweigh its risk. This can include a medication guide, patient package insert, communication plan, and implementation system.

Foundation Care’s experts will guide you through this process, providing you with the tools for FDA approval. Our approach allows you to balance the interests of regulatory agents, health care providers, patients and corporate stakeholders.

Our services include the management of:

  • REMS-Related Education for Healthcare Providers
  • Medication Guides & Package Inserts
  • Communication Plans
  • Implementation Systems
  • Adverse Event Reporting Structure

Throughout this process, we work to ensure minimal disruption in the care process in order to gain optimal patient outcomes and commercial viability of the product.